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We leave tomorrow!

Fringe_Janine McCabe picYesterday was nuts! We “teched” in the morning and ran a Dress Rehearsal last night. Threshold Theatre was nice enough to let us play with lighting and sound cues in the AM and then come back with a full audience. Thomas and I have found that an audience before the true performance helps the actors get used to the pacing and the laughs. Meanwhile “Twelfth Night” was actually playing at the theatre in between all of this. It was madness and probably just a taste of what Fringe will be like! The dressing room was chocked full of Shakespearian props and costumes, while we crammed in our 10-person 1980’s garb and kitchen utensils in an already tight and loaded space. Thank you Pam, Michael and Courtney and the wonderful actors and crew of Twefth Night for helping us pull that off. Our amazing cast and crew got it done…And they’ll do it up in Fringe where the turn around time between shows at the festival is even shorter!

We have a secret weapon in Janine McCabe from the College of Charleston – who as mega-costumer has totally spruced up our wardrobe. She is adorable and has more credits (including Broadway) then the rest of us combined! She is pictured above flanked by Bronson Taylor (Hadley) and Katie Holland (Rainbow & Bernadette). Rainbow is a colorful Valley Girl.